Audio Poetry Jukebox: An Evening Full of Perspectives

Do hear my new recording of my old poetry “An Evening Full of Perspectives” written on April 15, 2017.

It describes a theatre evening when I, as a theatre artist with my colleagues, performed a theatre format called Mushaira Theatre. This was the evening conducted by Poetry Social Bengaluru in collaboration with my theatre group Yours Truly Theatre.

Mushaira Theatre is invented and developed in Yours Truly Theatre by Sumit Acharya, Nandini Rao and Ashish Bhuvaniya. The format encourages audiences to come up with their poetry (written by them or anything they loved). We asked the small story around that poem that we perform on the stage improptu. The only advancement this has that the actors (we call them Kalashayars) exchange dialogues in Shayaris which are created on the spot. The format is based on another theatre form Playback Theatre.

Do hear it and share you like it. Your Comments are always welcome.

See you in the next post!


Audio Poetry Jukebox: Helena Mccarthy has Attitude Problem

Dear Poetry Lover,

I have written over 300 poems including English and Hindi languages. This is my first attempt to record one of my English Poetry. Please listen to it and give your valuable comments.

The poetry describes a mid 30s young woman’s life in a cliched way (as many of us have seen in movies).

The original lines of the poetry you can find on this page. Link below:
Helena Mccarthy has Attitude Problem

Soon, I will return with the next recording. Till then Keep Listening Keep Reading Keep Humming

Hindi Poetry: Banna ki Gamgadini

Dear Reader,

I have begun my YouTube channel with some audio recordings of my poetry reading.

This poem is written on the day of Hindi Divas (Sep 14) this year. It talks about the mindset of so-called educated Indian Youths.

Two Freshly created words are introduced. Check the meaning below.
Gamgadini means Sad Story
Rupathiya is an addition of two words Rupaya (Rupees) and Sathiya (Mad).

Please hear it and let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Do share if you liked it.

Hindi Poetry – Tamashe Wali Kheer Khayenge Kya?

Dear Reader,

I have recently recited a Hindi poetry in an event organised by Poetry Social Bengaluru. The poem is a satirical take on the current politics in India. Please watch it and let me know what you think about it.

If you want more such poetry reading videos, I can write and record on your request with proposed theme or, word or, scenario. Happy Listening!