An Evening Full of Perspectives

16Apr - An Evening

An Evening Full of Perspectives

I saw the happenings,

In the light of unimaginative chaos;

They found the space in a terrace,

Ready to share ideas and swing it to the force;

What a hallucinating exercise we did,

It was simple, you liked so endorse!


The love, the pain,

The light in the rain,

The silence with the torch

Huddling through, still sane;


Reading out poem

Was not that difficult,

But to the group of unknown,

It was a risk of insult!

But they did it,

We did it,

I did it,

In the hope of being heard;


The evening was entangled,

In the momentous beat of emotion

Left us thinking

Was that them?

Was that us?

Was that I?

Now, let’s not go back to our gaudy concoction

With terrifying forceful dream of money making

And being tortured to keep this life in motion!


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