Mr. Red Pumpkin Is Sad

Mr Red Pumpkin Is Sad - 19

Musically challenged,

Still ferociously singing;

Isn’t this the greatest trait

Of our very own Mr. Red Pumpkin?


Maniacally harsh,

Still has the balanced number of friends;

Isn’t it obvious that

He mugged the life to find better ends?


A lousy vanilla biscuit,

He drops every night on the road.

Then wakes up every morning

To eat the disgusting scone;


Excitingly, ahead of every mystery,

He blabbers and walks slowly

Along the radius of his twinkling paradise

To render the sad perspective of being happy!


Keep saying to yourself

You lift the world on your shoulder,

But Mr. Pumpkin enlightened us that

Inside, you are just another depressive crier!

19th poem on the 19th day of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

Are you also as crazy as Mr. Red Pumpkin then you must introspect. What do you think this human beahaviour? Tell in the comment section.

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