Well Boredom, Hate Me If You Want To!

Well Boredom-7

Oh, ahaan, ooooh

Hmmm, okay, hum, anyway,

Is it really going to be this long?

I mean I tried to finish this donut and stay!


I deflected all my thoughts,

Spelled the rhyming syllable,

But how would I take you down

From the mind and do something relatable?


I guess you & me, me & you

Are meant to be apart;

Oh Boredom, Oh Boredom,

I know that’s little harsh!


You know this small quote;

Life is too short to be bored!

So, let’s just hate each other

Say good bye and grow old!

This is seventh entry of NaPoWriMo challenge. The poem is inspired by many one including me and one special person. I always wanted to beat Boredom and I am glad I chose this path! So, how would you deal with boredom? Tell me on a comment section below.

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