Reopening Randomness

Reopening Randomness-3.jpg

They tied up these pieces of heart

Into a magnifying world of laughter,

Pure and historical

At a closure of veracious chapter;


We kept this in dark

For so long that can’t be remembered,

Fragile but breathable

With a touch of signified standard;


Now you wished to open it once again

Searching for those cult classics,

Old, now more sensible

In the randomness of magical clicks!

This is third entry on the third day of #NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge. If you want to read some random article you can always visit my another blog  Keep Reading Keep Humming

Does this poetry make sense? If no, my motive is fulfilled. If yes, then you did find something on the randomness of life! In any case, leave a comment.

See you a tomorrow with a new poem!


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