Madly Deeply Heartily

Madly Deeply Heartily-2

There you are

Sitting at the cloudy dark corner,

Away from the fashionable world,

Abandoning all the hideous torture,


Penetrating every single emotion

Within the pretentious cup of smile,

For the good or bad

Mistakenly, I forgot you for a while;


Consider this my apologies to you,

I am lighting up a candle

On my deeply red clown nose

To feel the heat, to make you laugh and to mumble;


Hey, there you are

Standing over the sun hysterically,

Miming the rising star of this wax age,

Quoting love: madly deeply heartily!

The second day of #NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge. If you would like to read some articles you can visit at my other blog: Keep Reading Keep Humming

How did you feel reading it? Tell me on a comment section! See you tomorrow with a new poem.


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