From the top of the hill

When I screamed,

I heard the echoes

Of my own voice stream.


I looked around,

Tried to capture more sound,

In considerable amount of time,

I realized that it vanished out


I was confused,

Where it all gone,

Mystery painted a new venture for me

But I stood there fully stoned.


I accumulated more sound inside me

And once again voiced out in musical strike,

Suddenly, demon darkness covered the world

And I was in the flash golden concentrated light.


In a few seconds,

Very low siren sound has reflected back on me,

It kept on increasing, higher and higher,

My whole body was trembling in this high intensity.


I folded my ears in between of knees, teary eyes,

Extreme pain was almost killing me though,

Still I managed to cry out, ‘Help me’,

Eventually, siren stopped, daylight was on now

And I felt new, fresh but the same world, oh sure!


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