Blossoms in 2013 Winter 6


A Movie without A Script

My life,

A blank hole,

Stuck on a riddler-ride.


It has everything:

Romance, drama, emotion, action,

Struggle, humour, adventure and pride.


On a beautiful canvas for multiple shots,

It captures some tulips of my life

Just like I wanted, keeps me alive.


The director guides me, talks to me,

Sometimes stops me and allows for re-take,

Scene by scene, tries to comprise.


But I let him down all the way,

My present bewildered, future blurred,

Couldn’t get any of his sign.


I wish I’d become more than a puppet,

I wish I’d get the darkest secret to reach the moon,

I wish I’d open up and live wild.


Believe is what I need

All I have to do is to sit back and relax

Make my own story and comply!


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