The day after yesterday


The day after yesterday

Standing in the queue, rain everywhere,

Waiting to have a look of famous myth,

I had few silver coins in my pocket

And a red rose in my hand, ah sweet!

I pledged my almighty

To keep my faith on those oldest precious brick


There was all noise in the city

And people with their pathetic story,

I ignored them all my life

And had numb face to act for my agony,

I passed through by few jerks

With their felicitous faces, hate them, oh lucky!


Suddenly crowd became too impatient,

Was pushing too hard to get the surreal swale,

Eventually, a pinch of voice came from me

Which went through all ears, oh great!

A whispering silence tickled me

And I saw around me millions of myself

With silver turned copper coins in one hand,

And a rose made of ashes in right hand.

I had no choice but to close my eyes

To wait for the next morning,

For the same queue and for the same rain!


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