Oh Loneliness, Dance with me


Oh Loneliness, Dance with me!

Walking down the street,

Minding my own business,

Keeping the sound track on my head

And observing people appearance.


They all come and go,

Happy, sad or some familiar faces, you know,

Some might ignore you,

Some you want to ignore to,

Some would have two-face smile for you

But they all look good though.


One pearly eye girl

Sitting on the table, waiting, oh princess!

Behind your back

Some guys are talking like hell, oh my goodness!

What’s app girl, workaholic man,

Rough-tough dude is talking stupid and giggles.



I stopped walking,

And those people around me,

Just paused for the same exact moment, amazing!

My nerve felt amused and blessed

Finally I burst out laughing

Got to know:

Either you walk with your world

Or you die lonely!

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