Oh, Nice Guy


Oh, Nice Guy!

A random rugby game of this stupid world,

If ­you think of a straight way,

An honest ingredient mixed with lot of sweetness,

Lemony coolness and a shy solace,

Then only one question for you

Aren’t you a nice guy?


You understand almost everything,

You provide help in no time,

Sometimes you are ‘Sorry’, even for no despite,

You say ‘Thank you’ for small assistance you find,

So let me clear this out for you,

Aren’t you really a nice guy?


A girl you fell for,

A girl you adore,

A girl you love for all your life

But you can’t say the magic line,

Because every next day she smiles and says

How come you are such a nice guy!


A pleasant talker,

A silent listener,

Consistent on his mannerly behaviour,

Perfect definition of an idiotic picture,

Oh my god! Truth seller,

Anyhow, it’s good to be a nice guy!


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