Poem @2014 Beginning 5


Fuzzy Dream

I had this dream,

Very strange,

It kept me awake all night,

Showed, Life disdained.


One cola can was opened up,

I happened to look at that foam,

One lemon candy was on the floor,

I picked it up to taste the juicy stone.


I looked at my coffee mug

Which still had some black coffee in it,

One half-filled rum bottle was on my table

And those flower imprinted glass was glancing at me.


One extremely thin guy was staring

With those clumsy eyes,

He had 6 barrel pistol

Pointing right at me, oh am I going to die?


I put my finger into my nose so casually

But inside I was scared to death,

He was still watching with rage filled eyes,

I showed, don’t care, but was planning what to do next?


Somehow, I accumulated my courage and asked,

I don’t care about the gun but who are you?

He chuckled a bit and replied,

Oh stupid! Don’t you know I am you!


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