Poem @2014 Beginning 3


Stranger again

When I see you

I see the new color of incarnation,

Connecting dots, reasonable roots

Just like a secret revelation.


I keep memorizing those brown eyes,

Re-read the expression you made,

Tick out the possible way of talking

But deniably you sneaked out from the swale.


I do humming when it occurs,

Try to concentrate on what I am saying,

But my focus is gone.

At last I am left with unsaid words which are nothing.


It can’t be possible for me to accept

After all those happy moments we spent,

All those teary nights

When you were not here, I was awake


The letter I wrote for you

Couldn’t post but all are with me now, safe.

Could it be possible for us to forget the past

And be a stranger again?


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