Poem @2014 Beginning 1


Another change in bliss

I appreciate the word ‘Success’

But I would like to be a Failure,

I match up to the whole connectivity

But I would like to be in disconnected shore.


Every time I see myself

The mirror itself goes to crack.

Distorted images all where

And I feel amused and smacked.


Hilariously, I happen to feel slipped

Instead of falling from top.

Surprised to know that

For some reason I don’t care, why, Oh God!


All those scary feeling

Of being in the bottom,

Ruthless words from people,

Could nullify all my achievements, still mum!


Could it be another change in me?

Or I love being in failure.

In this moment, reading every step should be careful,

Taking risks, failing and still enjoying, hmmm living mature!

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