Unforgettable Dreamy Summer


Unforgettable Dreamy Summer

Exasperated whole night, awake,

Frustration became poison in my vein,

Affirmation to dream was yet to confirm,

‘Yearn to live’ or ‘live to earn’?

One sweet smile was waving bye-bye,

Never expected this would be so early, sigh!

At the edge of my fallen, she wished me luck,

After accepting ‘The Harmonica’, unplugged!

Tricky situation had made me so strong,

At last, it was raining when I took off road,

Scary, but deep inside I was happy,

Yes, I jigged it with friends and family.

These precious moments would never come,

The laughter, the joy on the decisive path were captured,

In this summer, I was fallen, strolled,

Capitalized the picture of my life, scored!

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