NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen


Risk is Life

When you say,

“I stopped pushing myself to walk in a way.”

They ask you without thinking,

“Oh! so, you are taking highway?”

And you stare at them with a smile and say,

“I just stopped, started searching, no highway.”

They take a peek on you,

Spend a moment of silence,

Read your eyes to examine the truth,

And make silly shocking face with humbleness

By figuring those weird look

You almost start doubting on your decision,

“Was I crazy enough to quit in no land,

Or this could be my awakening?”

You know you were tired of being ‘donkey-bored’

And the feeling of freedom can lead to new sunrise.

You were strong enough to accept.

Risk is not a gamble, it’s a miraculous ride!


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