Have you ever got the ‘Boom’


Have you ever got the ‘Boom’?

I see your point

When you say

Never be pessimistic,

Always look up, be supreme,

Wait, you will get chance to prove!


I, on the other hand

Have peculiar approach

To lead life in sky,

By following my dream,

Just nurture my skills and make it tuned!


We all have our philosophy

To render a biggest show of our movie.

What if everything goes off?

Nothing to follow, nothing to reel,

Have you ever got this kind of ‘boom’?


Your mind will go empty,

Eyes will never be so greasy,

You will fall in the space of zero,

Shout for help but no one’s free,

Can you differentiate, it’s bane or boon?


I tell you

At that right moment, you will laugh,

Laugh like a kid with full of tears,

Recreate your emotions, feel stiff like a king,

You will be reborn to fight; coz you’d have nothing to lose!

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